Martin & Matt

Thank you very much for reading our letter. We’re Martin and Matt and we are excited about expanding our family through adoption. We hope this letter gives you a sense of who we are and the loving and secure home we would provide for your child. We admire your strength in your consideration of adoption.

We have always dreamed of having a family filled with the laughter and playfulness of children. We are both Bay Area natives and have close knit families. Martin was raised in the Central Valley surrounded by a large family and enjoyed family summer trips to the lake, playing high school soccer, and fixing up cars. Matt was raised in Millbrae, just outside of San Francisco and spent many summers traveling the world with his mom (who was adopted) and grandparents, working on art projects, and building things in the garage with his grandpa. We are blessed to have a huge network of family and friends to lean on, they are positive people and loving souls, our families and friends are as thrilled as we are about the prospect of adoption.

We met through a mutual friend in San Francisco where Matt was immediately drawn to Martin’s shy side and witty sense of humor and Martin to Matt’s intelligence and kindness. We spent our first years together exploring the Bay Area, going to concerts, enjoying sporting events, and hosting meals with our families and friends. We both have a passion for the outdoors, travel, and love to learn and experience other cultures.

Martin is a loyal husband and family man who is dedicated to his career and growing family. He is thoughtful and patient and always puts his family before himself. Martin went to school in the Central Valley and has lived all over the country, you name it, and he has lived there. He is now settled in Oakland and calls it home with Matt and our 2 dogs and cat. He enjoys his work as a successful mortgage lender for a large bank here in San Francisco. Martin looks forward to taking the baby to Golden Gate Park on the weekends and eating ice cream by the lake.

Matt is a gentle and caring husband and son who is focused on building a family to pass traditions and love on to. Matt is smart, level headed, and ambitious and grew up in the Bay Area. He completed college at University of San Francisco and majored in Communication Studies. He is now a VP of Marketing at a large bank here in San Francisco. Matt can’t wait to read all his favorite childhood books passed down from his grandmother with the new baby before bedtime.

We live in a charming, two-bedroom, and three-bath townhome on a quiet street in a neighborhood with many families. We have two dogs, Sasha and Cooper, and a cat named Stormy. Sasha is a 6-year-old pug, Cooper is 16-year-old Sharpe and pug mix, and Stormy is a 26-year-old kitten at heart. They all love to cuddle and nap, explore the neighborhood, and play well with others.

We hope to raise our children to be warm, loving, open minded people that you would be proud of. We believe that open adoption is a wonderful way to become a family and assure you that your child will always know about his or her birth family. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please call us directly at 1-866-217-5821 or contact our adoption counselor, Lisa Clark, at 1-800-969-6665. We wish you all the best in the decision you make for you and your baby.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

Matt and Martin