Domestic Adoption Services

Domestic infant adoption is when the adoptive family is chosen by the birth mother, usually before the baby is born or in some cases, right after delivery. The baby is usually discharged to the adoptive family from the hospital for the purposes of adoption.

We are strong advocates of OPEN ADOPTION and it is our pleasure to help families gain understanding and comfort with how open adoptions benefit adoptive parents, birth families and most of all, adoptees. This program is open to residents of California and Hawaii.

Domestic Adoption Services Before Placement

  • Domestic Outreach
  • Birth Parent Intake and Assessment
  • Gathering Medical History and Records
  • Counseling
  • Hospital Coordination and Preparation
  • Network and collaborate with other Domestic Agencies, Facilitators or Attorneys
  • Out of State Placements

Domestic Adoption Services Afer Placement

  • Relinquishment Services
  • Post Adoption Contact Agreements (in California)
  • Domestic Post Placement Supervision
  • Domestic Finalization
  • Ongoing Life Long Support

To Learn more about our Domestic Adoption Program please sign up to attend an info night, (415) 934-0300. MORE