Healthy Family Testimonials

“Because of our ongoing relationship with Adopt, our daughter feels very safe and at home at Adopt. Our daughter values Lisa’s opinions and sees Lisa as someone who she can turn to for adoption-related concerns, especially when Mom and Dad just don’t “get it”.”

“It means so much to our family to have Adopt as our “go to” resource for everything adoption. We can’t imagine what our lives would be like without your love, support, and guidance.”

“We have come back to Adopt post placement several times depending on the needs of the children.”

“When my daughters were about 8, they had a “crisis” about being adopted. I called Adopt and received several wonderful hints, including one that led to finding and reconnecting with birth mom! I remember that Lisa and Lynne sat on the floor with my girls, and they talked through all the questions that two 8-year olds could possibly have about their birth mom. Both of my daughters had a wonderful, fun experience, and it made them so accepting and calm about being adopted. Crisis over! I have no idea what we would have done if Adopt had not offered us help.”

“The post-adoption connection that we have with Lisa and Lynne at Adopt is priceless to us.”

“With the amazing support of Lisa, Lynne, and other Adopt staff members, we have since reconnected with our daughter’s birth father after about 9 years.”

“In response to our daughter’s need to cope with the absence of one of her birth parents, Adopt organized a special workshop for our daughter and 6 other children, thoughtfully customized for each child based on their own adoption story.”

“No matter what anyone says, at some point your child will want to explore the fact that they are adopted. Adopt International is brilliant at making the edges smooth.”

“I wish we had maintained a more regular connection with Adopt… I actually think an annual check-in is a great idea for the adoptive family and the children too… possibly together and separately.”

“Staying connected with Adopt has been crucial in our lives. Lynne and Lisa have really helped us deal with issues in the 13 (almost 14) years we have been adoptive parents. And, more importantly, the connection to Adopt has helped our children be comfortable, proud and (we think) well adjusted in life.”

“What was most helpful? Just being able to call you and get some guidance, feedback, go through contingencies, how to answer the hard questions – what to do before, during and after. Basically, everything. You’ve done this many times before!! Us? Never.”

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