We offer a variety of class, some of which are required depending on your type of adoption. They are as follows (space is limited so please RSVP to save your spot).

Free Information Night

This is a free monthly 1.5 hour seminar. We discuss the general adoption process, and compare what it means to adopt internationally verses domestically. The curriculum may slightly change based on the interests of those in attendance.

Free Individual Consults

Once you are ready for some one on one attention, give us a call to schedule your individual consult with an adoption specialist. Every adoption is unique so it is important to have time with someone who can answer questions and concerns that are specific to you.

Attachment in Adoption Seminar

You will learn when and how to talk about adoption. In this class we discuss child development, attachment, what it means to parent an adopted child. This class is free to ADOPT clients and is required for all Home Study families, or $25 per couple for non clients.

Trans-racial Adoption Seminar

This class is free to ADOPT clients, or $25 per couple for non clients. This class is a requirement for Home Study clients that are approved to adopt a child of a different ethnic background than their own. Since space is limited, please call (415) 934-0300 to reserve a seat.

Kid Groups

Adopt teaches adoptees how to be proud of their adoption story, talk about their birth parents and learn great ways to share their stories with teachers, peers and family. It is also a wonderful opportunity to meet other AI adoptees! This class is only available when there are enough interested families.