Healthy Family Membership Program

Adopt International is excited to launch a new program to support families in an ongoing way! In the adoption community we often say that adoption is a lifelong journey, and at Adopt we think this commitment deserves lifelong support and services. A Healthy Family Membership will provide you with an ongoing connection to the adoption community to help you proactively address post adoption challenges in a healthy way when they arise.

We know from experience and current research that families often have difficulty finding therapists and social workers that have training in and are familiar with adoption. Our new membership program is designed to nurture healthy families – providing preventative, supportive, and educational post adoption services through personalized access to our forward thinking team of experienced social workers and adoption professionals.

*Your membership fee gives you access to the following:
*Annual Check In
*Reduced Fees for Additional Post Adoption Services
*Discounts on Local Conferences
*Reduced Fees for Summer Kid Groups
*Free Attendance at Refresher Classes
*Adopt’s Quarterly Newsletter
*Adopt Swag

Your dues also help to make our lifelong emotional support to birth parents possible. Our network of peer-to-peer mentors has grown so much in the last few years. The support and friendship that the birth parents gain from each other is invaluable, and something we strive to always be able to offer. We have also seen that empowering birth parents with speaking opportunities and connecting women to educational scholarships helps with self-confidence and overall personal growth. We hope that the more positive your child’s birth parent(s) feels about their adoption plan the healthier your child will feel about their adoption.

So please join today to support Adopt International and to support your healthy family. We look forward to walking alongside you and your family.

Click HERE to find out what being a Healthy Family Member could look like.

Click HERE to read just a few testimonials from healthy families who have utilized our staff and support many years after they adopted.

Membership Dues:
$125 for 1 year
$350 for 3 years

Fill out my online form.

To sign up by phone call: 415-934-0300