International Adoption Services

As a full-service, Hague-accredited agency, we are able to offer our international adoption services a la carte, or complete your full adoption from beginning to end.

Click on the links below to learn more about each step in your international adoption process.

Referral to placing agency
Adoption Home Study
Immigration Approval
Post Placement Supervision
Finalization or Readoption
Post Adoption Support for Adoptees and Adoptive Families
Independent Adoption

  • Referral to placing agency. You must first decide from which country you would like to adopt, and then find a placing agency that is licensed to work in that country. If you would like us to refer you to agencies that you can work with for specific countries, we would be happy to help you with referrals and understanding the best questions to ask!
  • Immigration Approval. Make an application to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS or CIS for short). If you are adopting from a Hague Country, you will be filing an I-800A; if you are adopting from a non-Hague Country, you will be filing an I-600A.
  • Post Placement Supervision. State law requires that you have meetings with a social worker after your child is in your home. We take this opportunity to provide support, education and guidance in making your child’s transition and attachment as healthy as possible.
  • Finalization or Readoption. We will walk you through how to file the right court documents, compile all of your adoption documents, and write a recommendation to the judge so that you can receive your final Adoption Decree and a new birth certificate that reflects you as the parent/s.
  • Independent Adoption. When you have identified a country, and are working with an attorney or government directly without a Placement Agency, this is called an Independent adoption.


The Council on Accreditation (COA), a national accrediting entity designated by the US Department of State to provide Hague Accreditation and Approval, invites the public to provide comment on intercountry adoption service providers seeking Hague Accreditation, Approval or Renewal. You are invited to provide comments through COA’s website at: