Domestic Adoption: Waiting Families

Ruben and David
We admire your willingness to explore adoption for your child. You are caring and courageous. We appreciate you considering us to provide your child with a happy, loving and secure home and a lifetime of big hugs and even bigger smiles.
Hi! I am Monique. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I admire you for considering adoption and know that it is a courageous decision you are making out of deep love for your child. I hope that this letter will let you get to know me and how much I would treasure your child in my life.
Martin & Matt
Thank you very much for reading our letter. We’re Martin and Matt and we are excited about expanding our family through adoption. We hope this letter gives you a sense of who we are and the loving and secure home we would provide for your child. We admire your strength in your consideration of adoption.
Kiersten & Justin
Hello! We aren’t sure how to start this off; it is so hard to condense our lives down to a single page! Hopefully we will be able to give you a glimpse into our lives and show you that we are excited and eager for a child to join our home. We hope you are looking for a family just like ours that your child can call home.