Hi! I am Monique. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I admire you for considering adoption and know that it is a courageous decision you are making out of deep love for your child. I hope that this letter will let you get to know me and how much I would treasure your child in my life.

I can’t wait to be a parent. I have always wanted a child and I am hopeful that adoption will now allow me the opportuinity to start building my family by sharing my life, love and dreams with a child. I am a single, African American women who is very loving, caring, nurturing, and an affectionate person. I love children and they have always been an important part of my life. I am extremely excited about the realization of my lifelong dream of becoming a parent through adoption.

I currently reside in Pittsburg CA, a gated neighborhood in the East Bay. My neighborhood is very close knit and there are many young families and newborn babies around. There are several parks within a few blocks and many schools close by. I live in a beautiful condo I own and I share with my two dogs I adopted a few years ago – Max (4 years old) and Mae (5 years old). Both are sweet, gentle dogs who are very friendly and easy going. I am certain they will welcome the addition of a baby into our home.

I am originally from Antioch, CA where my parent’s sill live. I grew up in a big family. My immediate family includes not only my two brothers and one sister, but also, 3 nephews, 1 great nephew, and another nephew on the way this fall. I am especially close to my brother who lives locally and I am able to visit with him several times a week. I’m thrilled to have the support from both my immediate and extend family as we welcome the new baby.

I love living in the Bay Area because of the diversity, great weather, easy access to fun activities, and fun places to visit. There is so much to do throughout the Bay Area whether it be going to the Oakland Zoo, going to the beach in San Francisco, or going to nice restaurant in downtown Walnut Creek. I also love to travel, from far locations like Hawaii to local road trips to Lake Tahoe and Santa Cruz. I like to discover new things in the Bay Area like new parks and restaurants. I like to watch movies and listen to music. I love sports and enjoy watching and playing basketball, football, tennis, and baseball. I can’t wait to enjoy these activities as a family.

I am currently a Sr. Human Resources Analyst for one of the largest Transportation companies in the Bay Area. Additionally, in my spare time, I volunteer and hold the position as the Board President for my condominium association. I enjoy being involved with the association and like to help keep the community safe. I have been very fortunate to accomplish my career goals and live a lifestyle to provide for a child. I have a flexible work schedule which allows me start work early and get off early throughout the week. I even have the flexibility to work from home. After the baby is born, I plan to take parental leave to spend more time with my child.

Although, I have not been able to have a child myself due to infertility, I am excited about welcoming a child into my life through adoption. I believe open adoption is a wonderful way to become a family and assure you that your child will always know his or her birth family. Please call me anytime day or night if you have any questions or would like to learn more about me toll free at 1-855-776-6499 or email me You may also call my adoption counselor Lisa Clark at 1-800-969-6665.

I wish you and your baby the very best,
Monique Chappel